Cleopatra’s Fan Download Instructions

There are many, many new quilters using Inklingo lately but there have been very few requests for “tech support” and that worries me sometimes. (I’m a worrier.)

Rotary Cutting Cleo Curves! VIDEO

One of the wonderful things about Cleopatra’s Fan with Inklingo is that you can use a rotary cutter OR scissors—something you can’t do with acrylic templates.

Fussy Cut Cleopatra’s Fan? YES

I included another bonus shape in the new Cleopatra’s Fan shape collections, so there is a wonderful opportunity for fussy cutting!

Cleopatra’s Fan Quilt Design Book – FREE

The BIG news is that in addition to the 3 new shape collections, there is a new Inklingo Cleopatra’s Fan Design Book—and it is FREE for a limited time!

Cleopatra’s Fan in Electric Quilt

Three new Inklingo shape collections for Cleopatra’s Fan are ready. There is good news and bad news and very good news.

Willyne Hammerstein’s Flower Power – NEW

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Why I Don’t Sell Acrylic Templates

WHY I DON’T SELL ACRYLIC TEMPLATES I still get requests for acrylic templates for POTC.  I don’t recommend them or sell them for any design. YOU MAY NOT LIKE THIS ARTICLE It took me several… More