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Welcome to Inklingo!

Inklingo Smart Shopper's Idea Book
FREE 144 pages, 37.7 MB, Unfinished

This free PDF is for

  • Quilters
  • Designers
  • Teachers
  • Shops
  • Affiliates


The Idea Book was developed to supplement the info on the website in an easy to use format.

Save the Idea Book on your computer, so you can click the green links to quickly find whatever your heart desires.

The Idea Book will never be finished!
Some pages are incomplete for now, and more will be added when new shape collections are introduced.

PDFUPDATED 12 November 2012 

RIGHT-Click and "Save As" (or "Save Link As") to download and save on your hard drive. (Remember where you put it!)
Click to view the PDF in your browser (may take a long time to load).

If you have suggestions for the Idea Book, or requests for more shapes and sizes, please let me know.

Mail to Linda

Please note: This is a big file. On a slow connection, it may take 4 or 5 minutes to download completely.



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